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Coddy Lightcloud
• 12/5/2013

Design scheme

Hi all,

In order to change the mainpage layout and stuff, I think it's also good to select a colour scheme for the whole wiki to work. So right here, we're gonna have a suggestion thread to choose the colours that might work for this wiki. Since colours is quite a tricky thing, hopefully, it should go well with the text, link colours as well.

  • Do you want a warm or cool colour vibe? (e.g. orange=warm, blue=cool)
    I think considering CSR, would you feel it's a gloomy or hopeful theme? How would you choose the colours based on CSR?
  • Layout of Mainpage:
    Have it look like all other wikis on Wikia or more website/page based design?

Feel free to suggest any other things as well. ^^ Thanks for reading!


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Coddy Lightcloud
• 12/5/2013
Let's have it look more like other wikias. I want that nice wiki feel that I'm not currently getting from the homepage.
• 12/6/2013

Definitely the scheme should be welcoming to readers. I think the colors should be based from the source material, whatever that may be. Blues, whites and golds maybe. I dunno.

• 12/7/2013

The mainpage currently is temporary. I changed the colour to brown as the light blue previously didn't feel well. ^^ Ok, so it'll be more wiki-like. Is there another wiki that you'd like to highlight or reference from? Most styles would include slider, character icon buttons on the tab view, etc.

• 12/21/2013

Update: I can only update the banner for now. While I was looking around, I realize that to create the buttons and layout might take awhile since I have to create stuff from scratch and see how it fits or if I can just create it from the source html itself (e.g. tables, etc.) I work mostly with Photoshop so I tend to see it from that perspective and then how to apply it here. ^^ Hopefully all could be patient with this since I'm also still recuperating. ^^" Well, holidays are coming, Have a Blessed holiday everyone! ^^ Hopefully I'll be able to eat well :P

Maybe I'll give some details:(mainpage)

  • Will expand the categories and external links
  • Use small banner as links to official sites n related sites.(e.g. the type JP websites use)
  • work on the partition and headers.
  • etc. when I get to it.
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