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Episode 16
Season 1
16th episode
Air date April 25, 2009
Written by Shūsuke Amagi
Directed by Itsuro Kawasaki
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Layfon is trying to recover from injuries he sustained in previous episode. He is told that surgery will be needed. That means he won't be able to compete in the next inter-platoon match. He is later informed by Mifi Rotten and Naruki Gerni that 17th Platoon is going to fight without him. Nina sends Sharnid to recruit former member of the 10th Platoon Dalshena Che Matelna. Shena joins the team and even with her 17th Platoon is unable to win against 1st Platoon led by Vanze Haldey. Nina is to blame because she uses herself as a bait in a match. Everything goes well to the point when she's beaten down by Vanze. Meanwhile Layfon receives a letter from Karian Loss. When he's on his way to meet with Karian he meets Mayshen Torinden. She feels responsible for that accident. Layfon says it wasn't her fault and she gives him some food as always. Karian tells Layfon that Haikizoku is the real reason he got injured and that he will be teaming with Haia Salinvan Lyia and his Salinvan Guidance Mercenary Gang. Haia introduces his psychokinetist named Fermaus. Fermaus is really strange guy with some unique powers. He can sense Pollutant Beasts as long as he goes outside without any other equipment but thanks to this his body is really damaged and burned. Their mission is to kill some Pollutant Beasts because electronic fairy Zuellni went on rampage. Layfon sends some message for Nina at the end.