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Proto-City Lance Shelled Glendan: The most powerful city in the world due to its regular encounters with Filth Monsters of all levels and was the birthplace of the Military Arts, which most other cities practice today. The Twelve Heaven's Blades are found here under the command of the Glendan Royal Family.

Characters who live or have lived within Lance-Shelled Glendan.

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the orphanage

Leerin Marfes
Layfon's childhood friend and love interest who currently resides in Glendan.
Derek Psyharden
Layfon and Leerin's foster father from the orphanage in Glendan.

Military Artists

Gahard Vallen
A Glendan military artist who dreamt to become a Heaven's Blade Wielder and Gorneo Luckens' senior.

Heaven's Blade Wielders

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