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Heaven's Blade Wielders

The Heaven's Blades are twelve DITEs given to the strongest twelve Military Artists in Grendan, who possess exceptional fighting skills and large amount of kei, by the Grendan Royal Family. The Heaven's Blades revealed are: a sword, a pair of gauntlets, a pair of glove controlling golden wires, a gun, a bow, pilgrim's staff, a mace, a scepter, a shield, a cane, a rapier and a lance. Considered the pride of Glendan, they are the strongest Military Artists and are referred to as Heaven's Blade wielders. Besides receiving a middle name to their title, they are also entitled to Platinum DITEs.

Heaven's Blade Wielders

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Current Members

Deceased Members

Former member

Heaven's Blade Wielders


Queen Alsheyra Almonis / Synola Areisler
The Queen of Glendan. On top of being Queen, she is the strongest of the 12 Heaven's Blade wielders.


Savaris Qaulafin Luckens
A Heaven's Blade wielder with long silvery hair.
Lintence Savoled Haden
Notable for his dark-green, wavy and volumed hair style. He is mature, has slit-eyes and usually wears a serious look.
Kanaris Earifos Rivin
Whenever Queen Alsheyra leaves the palace, Kanaris is left to act for her as her decoy.
Barmelin Swattis Nolne
The gothic member of the Heaven Blades.
Cauntia Valmon Farnes
A long, pale-haired Heaven's Blade Wielder, who is tall, slender and has dark complexion.
Reverse Irjinas Elmen
A Heaven's Blade Wielder clad in armor.
Troiatte Gavanest Firandin
A flirty and spendthrift purple-haired man.
Hia Wolfstein Lyia
A one of newest member which wields wolfstein blade and also the leader of Salivan Guidance mercenary Gang.
Fermaus Quantis Foa

      A girl who have psychokinesis ability and later inherits Delbone Quantis  

      Myuura's Heaven's Blade

Claribel Noieran Ronsmaia

       She is the grandaugther of Tigris Noieran Ronsmaia which is


chosen to become Heaven's "Noierans" Blade Wielder after the death of her


Karuvarn Geordius Midonotto

      The Founder of Glendan's most glorious Midonotto Military Arts Clan.

Ruimei Garrant MacRing

     A huge man who wears a samurai-like armor.

Deceased Member

Delbone Quantis Myuura
An old lady with psychokinesis support-oriented ability.

Tigris Noieran Ronsmaia
Part of the Royal Family and current head of the Ronsmaia Family.

Former member

Layfon "Wolfstein" Alseif

Former wielder of the Heaven's Sword. The title was taken away because of his participation in underground's matches. (Read more)

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