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Academic City Zuellni: A city governed by its Students Council President and part of the Academic Cities Union. This is where the manga/light novel/anime takes place. Its population is 60,000 and has a six year system, offering education in General Studies and Martial Arts Studies. Inter-Platoon Tournaments are huge events, much like a simulated form of the InterCity-Match. FanClubs are also formed for popular platoon members. Trams are used for transport within the city. Its Electronic Fairy takes the shape of a pale blue, young girl.

Characters who live or have lived within the Academy City Zuellni.

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Student Council

Karian Loss
The Student Council President.

Liberal Arts Department

Mayshen Torinden
A first year student of the Liberal Arts Department who is in love with Layfon.
Mifi Rotten
A first year student of the Liberal Arts Department and best friends with Mayshen and Naruki.


Dixerio Maskane
A Military Artist born of the House of Maskane, from the fallen Avarice City, Velzenheim.

Martial Arts Department

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