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Cauntia Valmon Farnes
Gender: Female
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Weapon(s) of Choice: Guan Dao
Status: Alive
Affiliations: *Glendan
*Heaven's Blade Wielders
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First Appearance
Anime: Episode 1
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Voice Actors
Japanese: Ayumi Fujimura
English: Kara Edwards

Cauntia Valmon Farnes is a character in the novel Chrome Shelled Regios and its adaptions. She is part of the Heaven's Blade Corp and the wielder of the Heaven's Blade Guan Dao.


A long, pale-haired Heaven Blade Wielder, she is tall and slender and has a dark complexion. She has a thirst for the battlefield and is exceptional with her attack wielding skills and weapon, focusing solely on attacking and completely disregarding all defense. Her weapon of choice is shown to be something of a pole-bladed halberd, similar to a guandao.

In the novel, she is the companion of Heaven's Blade Receiver Reverse, who would call her "Tia." When paired with his ultimate defense, they form a formidable duo. She is not from Grendan. She usually has no problems holding conversations with women. On the other hand, except for Reverse, she displays an indifferent attitude when communicating with other men.

In the first episode, she reprimands another Heaven's Blade wielder for giving Layfon weak advice. She states that the only thing you need to do with Pollutant Beasts is dash in and slash them, apparently finding a battle with them easily. Queen Alsheyra responds with even higher standards for Layfon. She didn't want Layfon to be the only one to show off in the filth monster battle.

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