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Titles & Brief Synopsis Written by Shūsuke Amagi/Illustrated by Miyū
Chrome Shelled Regios #1

Chrome Shelled Regios is Amagi's second work of light novels that won the Academy Category Award in the Light Novel Awards held in 2007. Its theme is based on apocalyptic-fiction. Due to humanity's dependence on over technology, the world faces its ruin and its share of fantasy elements - like the fairies, magic and monsters prominent in the story. In other words, it is a mixture that would be described as A World of Sword & Sorcery.

In a world where its history are almost completely forgotten, lives thrive on in cities called Regios, where the mysterious presence of Electronic Fairies dwell individually, roaming to protect them from contaminants and filth monsters.  A time when cities battle necessarily for the source of Selenium and where defense fall on those with the abilities to wield weapons with Kei energy. This is the story of Chrome Shelled Regios.

Chrome Shelled Regios vol.1
Contaminant beasts and pollution terrorizes the earth and humanity now survives within man-made mobile cities. A freshman appears in Academic City Zuellni and joins a platoon as its new member, a person who has his own reasons for not fighting and a past that torments him. His name is Layfon.
Chrome Shelled Regios vol.2 - Silent Talk
There he meets Nina, the captain of Platoon17 and some others, with whom friendships are formed. A tense relationship begins initially between Layfon and Nina as Layfon is troubled by the significance of fighting while Nina's resolve is to become stronger.
Chrome Shelled Regios vol.3 - Sentimental Voice
In Glendan, as Leerin awaits for Layfon's eventual return, a youth with silver hair appears before her. On the other hand, Layfon and his platoon gets tasked to investigate a ruined city along with Platoon 5 . Layfon's past is revealed.
Chrome Shelled Regios vol.4 - Confidential Call
The Salinvan Mercenaries appear. An investigation begins on the illegal liquor. Layfon was tasked to assist the police . They encounter a group holding fake student passes. Among them is Haia. What is the 3rd generation head of the strongest mercenary doing in Zuellni?
Chrome Shelled Regios vol.5 - Emotional Howl
With unexpected words from her adoptive father, Leerin struggles to decide to meet Layfon though she sincerely wants to. On the other hand, Nina prepares for a training camp for her team members before a match. On the final night of training, Layfon gets hurt when a sudden scaffolding collapse. Platoon17 faces a crisis.
Chrome Shelled Regios vol.6 - Red Nocturne
Nina disappears. In the mean time, numerous filth monsters head for Zuellni. Leerin makes a stop in Myath Academic City and gets involved in a mysterious event while she meets someone.
Chrome Shelled Regios vol.7 - White Opera
Soon, Leerin will get to meet Layfon and she waits in anticipation. Back in Zuellni, Nina is unable to give an account on her disappearance.
Chrome Shelled Regios vol.8 - Mixing Notes
At last, she arrived. Leerin Marfes, the childhood friend who is rumoured to be his legal wife. It has really been a long time since they've spent time alone, something that Leerin has been waiting for. Glendan's Queen assassination plan is revealed.
Chrome Shelled Regios vol.9 - Blue Mazurka
Leerin and Layfon reunites and Leerin tries to pass an item to him. It was a DITE entrusted by Derek, who is Layfon's foster parent and mentor. It is a proof of his forgiveness which Layfon rejected and Leerin is worried. At that time, a state of emergency is declared in Zuellni. While an Inter-City match approaches, Savaris who has been hiding in Zuellni secretly, contacts a suspicious identity. Various speculation gathers in Zuellni.
Chrome Shelled Regios vol.10 - Complex Days
Nina meets Van Allen Dee, a drifting youth, in a strange environment, not knowing what significance it would bring. A sibling feud also becomes apparent.
Chrome Shelled Regios vol.11 - Impact Girls
Leerin Marfes, no one knows her better than Layfon. Her presence results in a change in the relationship of Layfon with his two female team members~Felli and Nina.
Chrome Shelled Regios vol.12 - Black Arabesque
Lance Shelled Regios Glendan draws near as Layfon chases after Savaris. Felli continues to support Layfon in Zuellni. Leerin exhibits a marked change physically.
Chrome Shelled Regios vol.13 - Grey Concerto
Far away from Zuellni, Karian finds a Letter Bottle in Santo Brug City. From there, Karian is oblivious to the events that have happened in Zuellni.
Chrome Shelled Regios vol.14 - Scarlet Oratorio
11 Heaven's Blade wielders and their queen stands before a filth monster. Layfon faces a past that should have been abandoned.
Chrome Shelled Regios vol.15 - Next Bloom
The next Student Council President Election is held. Layfon who is rapidly changing, has been left behind. Zuellni gets a taste of a great unprecedented ordeal.
Chrome Shelled Regios vol.16 - Spring Burst
Mayshen opens her dream cake shop. Vuati, NanoCelluroid Mother-I Levantine makes an appearance. What is her true intention for showing up in Zuellni.
Chrome Shelled Regios vol.17 - Summer Night Rave
Although it's risky, Felli receives Delbone's heritage. As Layfon cares for Felli, Mayshen gets anxious. On the other hand, what is the purpose of Vuati, the "Enemy of the world", who is observing Mayshen.
Chrome Shelled Regios vol.18 - Crying Autumn
Nina pursues a hidden secret. Layfon and Felli aims to escape to White Flame City, Melnisque. However, what awaits them is a last-ditch crisis. At the same time, Karian and Haia for some reason, appears in Glendan.
Chrome Shelled Regios vol.19 - Initiation Log
A great crisis approaches Zuellni. Felli confronts an impending danger. "Magic Hunter Girl Felli" true story reveals.
Chrome Shelled Regios vol.20 - Desire Report
In Zuellni, a girl becomes the center of topics. "Mighty Beauty", "Next Year's Miss Zuellni" and "Definitely a Beauty...but a little strange?" -- Her name is Vuati Ren. A girl who harbors a secret purpose, stirs up a turmoil.
Chrome Shelled Regios vol.21 - Winter Fall (Part 1)
Winter arrives as Revantine appears in Glendan and a fight to the death ensues between her and the Heaven Blade Wielders. One by one the Heaven Blade Wielders fall. On the other hand, in the innermost palace...
Chrome Shelled Regios vol.22 - Winter Fall (Part 2)
The death battle with Revantine continues and her power is gradually pushed to the wall; unbeknownst. At that moment, a newly forged Heaven Sword appears before Layfon as Leerin's voice reaches him. On the other hand, Nina appears in Glendan with a new power at hand. A final battle for the fate of the city.
Chrome Shelled Regios vol.23 - Like A Storm
What Claribel Ronsmaia really wants is a duel with Layfon. With her determination expressed, what does the vial that she holds contain? A battle is brewed as the academic city gets involved.
Chrome Shelled Regios vol.24 - Life Is Goodbye
As the Flame Beast descends, a lone figure stands. Nina decides to defeat the beast. On the other hand, the members of platoon 17 - Felli, Sharnid and Harley - wish to confront it too. In response to their resolve, Layfon decides his own battle.
Chrome Shelled Regios vol.25 - And Then After That

The past and future of Platoon 17. The true finale.

The story of an age where regios stopped moving.  "World Times" Information Magazine reporter Mifi Rotten wrote about the present day Glendan and the day-to-day report of Leerin, Clara and Alsheyra. Now a high-ranking martial artist, Nina Antalk faces a mysterious enemy who unleashes a tremendous power. The world after the final battle.

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