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Dixerio Maskane
Dixerio profile
Gender: Male
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Weapon(s) of Choice: *Iron Whip
Status: Alive
Affiliations: *Velzenheim
Family: Maskane Family (Deceased)
City of Origin: Velzenheim
First Appearance
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Anime: Episode 3
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Voice Actors
Japanese: Hiro Yuuki
English: Chris Cason

He appeared in Episode 3. He is the counter to the Masked Wolf troops, as seen by his action of stopping them from taking Zuellni. He erased Nina's memories of their fight and disappeared since. He is also the protagonist of the spin-off light novel, Regios Crusade. He reappears in Myath to save Nina once again and to ask her to protect Leerin. He seems to know the origin of everything about the world they live in. While invading Glendan, he revealed that the Masked Wolf troops killed his father, brother, people he trusted, and even people Dixerio himself wanted to kill along with destroying his city. In the last episode, he said it was only a beginning and farewell to Nina.


Dixerio, also known as "Dick," is a military artist born from the House of Maskane in the fallen Avarice City, Velzenheim. He is tall and has red hair. He also has fighting abilities that could rival Layfon Alseif. He fights with a single-edged sword in episode 3.

As a protagonist of the Regios Crusade novel, he lived as a student in Zuellni. At that time, through the encouragement of his friends and juniors, he formed the 17th platoon and became its captain.

At one point he was possessed by the Haikizoku of the fallen Velzenheim. Currently, he is able to demonstrate its power and making it his own. Its power when exerted is comparable to the power of a Heaven's Blade wielder. In addition to that, he has also claimed the power of Vulcan (火神の力).