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Gorneo Luckens
Gorneo profile
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Weapon(s) of Choice: Gauntlets
Status: Alive
Affiliations: 5th Platoon
Military Arts Department
Family: *Savaris Qaulafin Luckens (Elder Brother)
City of Origin: Glendan
First Appearance
Manga: Chapter 1
Anime: Episode 1
Novel: Volume 3
Voice Actors
Japanese: Hajime Iijima
English: J. Michael Tatum

Gorneo Luckens is a character in the Chrome Shelled Regios novel and its adaptations.


Gorneo has short silver hair and green eyes. He has charming features but wears a harsh expression. He wears the traditional blue and white Military Arts' top, cream shirt and red tie. In battle Gorneo wears the typical black combat uniform.


Born of the distinguished Luckens family of Glendan, Gorneo is the younger brother of Heaven's Blade wielder Savaris Luckens and a 5th Year student and Captain of the 5th Platoon in Zuellni. He and his brother also share similar fighting techniques.

He uses the Ruby DITE and a grapple technique and is titled "Top Class" in capability.


Savaris Qaulafin Luckens[]

While the two are brothers, Savaris does not seem to care much for Gorneo and considers Gorneo a person of mediocre skill; as seen in a later episode in the anime.

Gahard Vallen[]

His senior whom he held dearly. When Gahard lost his arm in a fight with Layfon "Wolfstein" Alseif and never recovered from that wound, Gorneo resented Layfon for what he did. While he had wished for Layfon to atone for his actions, he could not help but want to kill him as well. However, that resentment soon faded as the story progressed. After the incident with Glendan, he learns the truth about Gahard and visited his grave, where he poured out his emotions.

Shante Laite[]

Gorneo is always seen with her, who is a member of Gorneo's Platoon and also important to him. In exchange for Shante's training with Layfon, he agreed to the request to guide Naruki in hers.

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