Chrome Shelled Regios Wiki

Below is the main upload form for uploading files to Chrome Shelled Regios Wiki:

Steps for adding an image, sound clip, or video clip to Chrome Shelled Regios Wiki:

  1. The vast majority of images and multimedia files found on the Internet are not suitable for use on Chrome Shelled Regios Wiki.
    Please make sure the upload is acceptable for Chrome Shelled Regios Wiki before uploading it; and, if in doubt, ask.
    Is your upload free content? If not, does it meet the requirements at Wikipedia:Non-free content criteria, which apply equally here at Chrome Shelled Regios Wiki?
  2. Select a descriptive filename for your upload.
    For example: "cat.jpg" is bad, while "Mongolian shorthair cat sleeping.jpg" is good.
  3. Provide some basic information on the upload.
    Where did it come from? Who created it and when? What is it an image or clip of? If it's a non-free image or multimedia file, why does it meet the non-free content criteria?
  4. Provide copyright information for the upload from the dropdown licencing menu.
    If you cannot find anything appropriate, please ask before uploading.
  5. Provide an adequate file upload summary for the upload.
  6. Click Upload file. Once the file is uploaded, an image page is created for that file.
  7. After uploading, add the file to the article for which it was uploaded.
    See Help:Uploading files, mw:Help:Managing files, and m:Help:Images and other uploaded files.

If you upload content in the public domain, under the GNU Free Documentation License, or a Creative Commons license, that license is irrevocable.

Note: For questions or comments about the various upload forms please ask an Administrator. Additionally, here are some templates to refer or use.

This guideline is taken from here and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0 (Unported) (CC-BY-SA).