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Kanaris Earifos Rivin
Kanaris profile
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Weapon(s) of Choice: Rapier
Status: Alive
Affiliations: *Heaven's Blade Wielders
*Rivanes Royal Family
City of Origin: Glendan
First Appearance
Anime: Episode 1
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Voice Actors
Japanese: Akeno Watanabe
English: Stephanie Young


Kanaris has long black hair and purple eyes. She's really similar to Queen Alsheyra with the exception of her eyes. She's usually wearing a veil over her face.


As a member of the Rivanes Martial Clan of the royal family, she was raised to be a "shadow" of Queen Alsheyra since a young age. She was also the youngest to attain a Heaven's Blade at the age of fifteen, way before Layfon and Savaris. Due to previously being rejected by the queen to be her decoy, she accepted Minth Yutonol's invitation to be part of Alsheyra's assassination plan. Kanaris was defeated by Alsheyra in an instant at the end and had wanted to take her own life for not being significant enough to be useful to her queen. Alsheyra managed to stop her though and gave her a chance to test her competence.

Through a plastic surgery operation, she was made to resemble Alsheyra in order to successfully portray her. Whenever the queen leaves the palace, Kanaris is left to act as her consul. She bears absolute allegiance to the queen and does not hesitate to lay down her life for her. However she complains that the other Heaven's Blade wielders would not listen to her and continuously begs for Alsheyra to come back but to no avail.

She has a very careful and serious nature. While Alsheyra does appreciate this fact, it also can anger her. For example, Kanaris researched the connection between Leerin and Alsheyra and was nearly strangled to death by Alsheyra for doing so. Still, she does seem to know the connection between the two.

Her Heaven's Blade is a rapier and it seems that currently among the Heaven's Blade wielders, she excels in beheading and concealing her kei as her forte.

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