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Leerin Marfes
Leerin profile
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Weapon(s) of Choice: None
Status: Alive
Affiliations: *Glendan Resident
*Glendan Orphanage
Family: *Derek Psyharden (Foster Father/Mentor)
*Layfon "Wolfstein" Alseif (Foster Brother)
Unnamed Father
City of Origin: Glendan
First Appearance
Manga: N/A
Anime: Episode 1
Novel: Volume 1
Voice Actors
Japanese: Mikako Takahashi
English: Colleen Clinkenbeard

Leerin Marfes is a character in the Chrome Shelled Regios novel and its adaptations. She is Derek Psyharden's adopted daughter and Layfon "Wolfstein" Alseif's childhood friend.


Leerin has light, brown hair which she adorns with a hairband and bright yellow-green eyes. She wears a long-sleeved, cream blouse with a brown vest and pairs it with a long kaki skirt. Her boots' color is the same as her vest.


Both Leerin and Layfon grew up together at the same orphanage in Glendan under Derek Psyharden's care. She supported Layfon even after his gambling incident was found out and distanced herself from the orphanage as a result. She is friends with Synola Areisler, who gropes her breasts every time they meet. Recently, she was given a box with what appears to be a DITE, which represents the fact that all the Psyharden techniques have been passed down, in it by her foster father from the orphanage.

As per her father's request, Leerin travelled with Savaris Qaulafin Luckens, who is secretly guarding her, to Zuellni to give the item to Layfon. She also met Nina Antalk after Nina was transported by Zuellni once Haikizoku possessed Nina and gets along with her. She is said to have the origin of all Electronic Fairy within her. She admitted never having try to understand Layfon's burden, that if someone had to be angry after him for what he had done, he must be angry at them (the orphans), because he did it for them. She was revealed to be the queen's fiancé's daughter, he had fled and had her somewhere else. Her right eye seems to be a link with Saya as she appeared in it. Like some other female characters, she has feelings for Layfon. Her eye is called Vine Eye and is said to be Ailen's eye, someone Saya wants to be reunited with and so cares for Leerin.

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