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Naruki Gerni
Naruki profile
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Weapon(s) of Choice: Baton
Capture Rope
Status: Alive
Affiliations: Yoltem
City Police Department
Military Arts Department
17th Platoon (Novel Only)
City of Origin: Yoltem
First Appearance
Manga: Chapter 1
Anime: Episode 1
Novel: Volume 1
Voice Actors
Japanese: Fuyuka Oura
English: Jamie Marchi

Naruki Gerni is a character in the Chrome Shelled Regios novel and its adaptations.


She is a tall girl with dark complexion. Her shoulder-length hair is violet and she pairs the Military Art's uniform-top with a short blue skirt. Her socks are dark gray and roll up till a few inches beneath her knees. She wears red, high-cut canvas shoes.


A first year student of the Military Arts Department, who is a friend of Mayshen Torinden and Mifi Rotten. She became friends with Layfon Wolfstein Alseif after he saved Mayshen at the inauguration incident. Layfon thinks the Military art uniform suited her. She has a strong sense of justice and works for the police department of Zuellni. Although first year students are not allowed to carry DITEs for the half year, due to her post as a police, the police baton DITE was permitted.

Her favorite technique is the arresting technique, which she apprenticed from her father and practices on a daily basis. She is poor in External kei but proficient with the Internal type. Among the first year students, she tops in physical ability. Her dream is to become a police officer. She once trained with the 17th platoon and was first surprised by the fact that the training was one-to-four; Layfon against his team. To her astonishment, he easily defeated them, in which she then understood his strength.

She stated that there was sadness in Layfon, which caused her and her friends to give up on researching Layfon's history. Nonetheless, they continued to wonder about what kind of past he had. In the novel she is the only one who sparred with Layfon when nobody wanted to in the Military Arts class and teased him about touching her breast during their fight. She refused to become a 17th platoon member since she was in the City Police but trained with them.

Her power improves gradually after learning from Gorneo Luckens. After the incident with Glendan, she resigned from the 17th Platoon to devote herself to her work with the City Police.


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