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Queen Alsheyra Almonis
Queen Alsheira Armonis

(Shinola Aleizura)

Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Weapon(s) of Choice: Scepter
Status: Alive
Affiliations: *Glendan
*Heaven's Blade Wielders
Family: *Glendan Royal Family
*Leerin Marfes (Fiancé's Daughter)
*Tigris Noieran Ronsmaia (Grandfather)
City of Origin: Glendan
First Appearance
Manga: {{{first_manga}}}
Anime: Episode 1
Novel: Volume 1
Voice Actors
Japanese: Akeno Watanabe
English: Lydia Mackay


A tall, black-haired and slender beauty with green eyes. With her huge amount of kei, she may appear to be around nineteen, but her actual age is unknown.

As the queen in the palace she carries herself in a regal way and dressed appropriately as one would. As Synola, her clothes are more casual and she carries herself freely.


The Queen of the Lanced Shell City, Glendan. Her full name is Alsheyra Almonise. Recently, she has refused to return to the palace, wandering around under the alias of Synola Areisler while leaving Kanaris as a stand-in to cover for her. She is concerned about Layfon's actions and is waiting to have the 12 Heaven's Blades reunite.

Kanaris revealed that she uses her kei to look younger. Despite her actions as Synola Areisler, Queen Alsheyra is shown to be extremely strict with the Heaven's Blades. Her pressure is needed to manage the Heaven's Blade wielders and is not afraid to kill them if necessary, and her word is absolute to them. However, she seems quite interested in their lives, she knew that Layfon wasn't really careful with his studies and thus was surprised he had been accepted in Zuellni's scholarship. She also stated that Layfon's exile was due to immaturity and his lack of world's perception and bears no grudge against him.

She met Leerin in a meadow one day, and they have been friends since. She may be somehow related to Leerin and is protective of her. She has a habit of rating other people's breasts and is particularly fond of Leerin's. In response to Leerin's question, Alsheyra has said that it is not impossible for Layfon to return but whether he wants to or not is not an issue for her to deal with, especially since he is a Psyharden. She revealed that Leerin could have been her daughter but her fiancé fled and had her elsewhere. She wanted Leerin to have a normal life but remarked about how she had chosen her way, like Layfon had. In the novel, It's revealed that there are three branches to Glendan's royal family and that they intermarry each three generations. She states her life is meaningless without the 12 Heaven's Blades and hinted Layfon and all people related had been forgiven by the Royal family.


Despite being a queen, she is also one of the 12 Heaven's Blade wielders and said to be the strongest in the history of the royal family, appearing to be vastly stronger than any of them; having simultaneously defeated 3 of them in an instant.

In the light novels, she can see far greater than any other Military Artist, to the extent of being able to see other Regios miles from Glendan, and is even able to attack Contaminoids from such a distance.

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