Call me Koosh! ^^[edit | edit source]

Loves: Watching films+anime+English & Korean cable-channels, reading art-related magazines & manga, photography, digital painting & illustration, interesting books, Fantasy & Sci-Fi, music, Wine & Dine, swimming, running, martial arts, etc.

Fav music genre: Classical, Neo-classical, Alternative-Rock, Electronica.
Fav Haunts: DA, myspace, facebook, online games, youtube, Wikipedia, Wikia.
Fav games:RPGs/MMORPGs/Action

For the contributions for CSR wiki, I source and translate them where applicable from Japanese sites and its Japanese wikipedia . ^^ Eversince after the 'Copyright Webinar' and learning a bit more from a staff, I was glad that most images used for wikis fall under the category of Fair Use; though like he mentioned, communities should have their own rules/regulations regarding the subject in discussion. For now, I'm glad I can contribute in both ways (words & images).

Chillz! Koosha

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